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TRIP inspiration

Featured Trips to Inspire Your Next Adventure

Venturing into areas unknown can be intimidating. New geography, new weather patterns, new permitting systems, and a new way of life. But, would it really be an adventure without these things? The 'Featured Trips' below are designed not to be followed step-by-step (although you can if you'd like), but rather, to stoke your sense of adventure and inspire trips to far away places. If you'd like help in the planning process, check out our Custom Trip Planning services.

North Rim of Yosemite

California, USA

It certainly wasn't the easiest beginning to a hike, but the seclusion and views of Half Dome were definitely worth the effort.

HalletT Peak

Colorado, USA

A typical Colorado gem. This 13'er provides the perfect introduction to everything Colorado: Snowfields, a glacier, and scrambling to the summit.

off trail in dusy basin

California, USA

Dusy Basin is one of the amphitheaters of the Sierra Nevada. Opportunities for off-trail exploration are everywhere.

mount audubon

Colorado, USA

Expansive alpine tundra gives way to a short scramble to the summit. For the more adventurous, take a different route back down off the summit.

yosemite valley

California, USA

An early season trip to Yosemite with plenty of views, and very few other hikers. There's a reason why John Muir loved this area so much.

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