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About Chris

...And what qualifies me to help you plan your next big adventure. 

When not out exploring the outdoors, planning my next adventure is usually at the top of my To-Do list. While the shape of my adventures seems to be fluid and ever-changing (hiking vs. bikepacking vs. road-tripping), the one constant is their perpetual evolution into larger and more logistically-complex undertakings. 

My desire to explore further and see what few others have, began in 2010 with two months of backpacking around South America (Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil).  A few years later, I did a similar backpacking trip around Cuba. Three years ago, my attention turned to exploring the backcountry through hiking.

During the summer of 2018, I spent one and a half months hiking in California, followed by a three month road trip around the Western U.S.A. while living out of my car and tent. The following summer, I did a series of five two-and-a-half week trips to some of my favorite backcountry spots in Utah, Colorado and California. If all goes according to plan, 2020 will involve a few international bikepacking trips of around 1,000 miles, followed by further, more challenging exploration of the the Western U.S.

During my travels I have learned a lot. Sometimes through research, and other times, through error. I've become familiar with different regions, how to travel effectively, and am pretty well-versed in the art of getting around frugally....most of the time. I'd love to have the opportunity to help you see the world how I have. 

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